The end of this wonderful trilogy.

Our copy of the return of the King freezes now and then, but I watched most of it, so I’ll just won’t it.

Plot: Merry and Pippin are finally reunited with Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf. But still no news of Frodo and Sam, who are being taken to the other way into Mordor. When Rohan gets news that Sauron plans to attack Gondor, the city of Kings, Aragorn and his friends, along with King Theoden and his army, ride to Gondor to help their ally. The ring is pulling heavenly on Frodo, and he’s starting to get weaker. Even if they get into Mordor, can they get all the way to Mount Doom and throw the ring into the fires without Sauron catching them?

Favorite character: Aragorn

Review: Return of the king didn’t really bring me in as The two towers and the fellowship of the ring did. The ending was really sad, and I wanted more Saruman. But either than that it was really good. It thought it was awesome when Eyowen (I think I spelled the name right) killed The witch king of Angmar. I also loves Sam’s loyalty in Mordor, carrying Frodo up almost all the way to Mount Doom (almost because Gollum began attacking them, and Sam was fighting with him, and Frodo was running up. What to ruin such a loyal deed, Gollum.) It wasn’t my favourite, but it was still really good.

I give this movie a : B+